WARNING:   This is a very opinionated posting that is rated M for Mac bias.  I was a die-hard Windows user for years.  ”Die” and “Hard” being the operative words.

  1. Built on UNIX -- In 1981, I learned to program in UNIX on a DEC VAX @ Cal State Fullerton.  UNIX works as good today as it did back them.  Most serious Web development has moved to UNIX.  Long live the Terminal window.
  2. Total Cost of Ownership -- You might pay twice as much for a Mac as some bargain-basement, loss-leader laptop du jour, but over the 3-4 years that you own it, I think a Mac will cost you less.  Every year I used to set aside a full day to reinstall Windows because it had become so thrashed.  To me, that's worth about $500 right there.  Wanna get your kids excited about computing.  Buy a Mac.
  3. Family Tech Support -- My family hates asking me for computer help because I turn the simplest questions into a full blown usability analysis.  They are more confused than when they started.  Now that everyone is on a Mac in my family, they can avoid these awkward moments with "Dad".
  4. iPhoto & iMovie -- Most apps are moving to the web, but photo and video editing belong on the desktop.  These two apps are so much better than anything out there for the basic digital enthusiast and they are initially free with the OS.
  5. iTunes Licensing  -- When I upgraded to OSX Lion, I did it via the iTunes store.  Since all our computers (you can have 5) are linked to the same iTunes account, I paid for Lion once and installed it on all 4 Macs.  With Windows, I would have paid 4 different times.
  6. Time Machine -- It used to suck to do backups, but the Mac Time Machine runs all the time so you are backing up every minute.  It's more like having Undo.  When I install new software on my Mac,  I'm never worried about the ramifications.  Software installation on Windows could be summed up in two words, "Be Afraid".
  7. No Registry -- The Windows Registry is perhaps the worst idea in the history of personal computing.  Let's force all apps to put vital cryptic codes into a single point of failure (SPOF) database so you can't move apps around or remove them with the Delete key.  Even PC-DOS let you move and delete programs.  Wanna get rid of a Mac app, just delete it.  Wanna get rid of a Windows app, start looking around for the dreaded uninstaller.
  8. Unibody Construction -- Lets face it.  Macs look like BMWs and PCs look like K Cars.  OK, maybe not K Cars, since they all now seem willing to copy Apple's designs.
  9. Trackpad -- The trackpad on MacBooks is so good that it's depressing trying to move the mouse around on other laptops.
  10. Holistic Design -- This could easily be #1 on the list.  Apple sweats all the little design details so you don't have to.  When you go pure Apple for all your computing devices, your technology world is in harmony.  Technology is complex enough as it is.  Apple is about less knobs.  For too many years, PCs were about more knobs.
  11. The Apple Store -- Because in the virtual world, the leading tech company, has the audacity to be old school and actually have a store.  I love contrarians.