I’ve always wanted to have my own blog and now I have a reason.

It’s time to build a new web site for the Bridge Community Church.  This time, we’ll go with Wordpress so lots of people can add content to the site – including the congregation and visitors.  I’m a Ruby on Rails guy so naturally I want a framework that others can understand.  I took a quick look at Genesys, Thesis and Hybrid (mostly because Justin Tadlock looks like a really smart guy) with the help of these  great postings:

  1. Comparison of Wordpress Theme Frameworks
  2. ArtOfBlog comparison of Genesys and Thesis
  3. Coding the Wordpress Loop

For my blog, I decided to go with Genesys since I liked the Nomadic child theme.  Once I take Pastor Greg and Webmaster Jeanne theme shopping, they’ll probably pick a theme on some other framework.  Sigh.  In the end, I’ll probably write my own child theme.  I’m also curious about writing a Wordpress plug-in for my day job at Directra.

But, I figure this is a great start.  Excelsior.