• Date Picker for Rails

    It’s nice to take advantage of the new HTML5 input types like <input type='date'>. On the surface it seems so simple, but the devil is in the details.

  • iBeck on Jekyll

    Half the fun of having a blog is migrating to new technologies. Today, I made the move from Wordpress to Jekyll because jekyll leverages git, ruby, sass and other open-source technologies.

  • Using a branded email address with Gmail

    You just set up your new organization and you have your spiffy new Squarespace. You look like a pro, now you need to communicate like a pro.

  • Blogging with a better purpose

    Originally, when I set up my blog, my purpose was to learn Wordpress and build a Wordpress plug-in. Alas, that went on hold.

  • 10 lessons learned recovering from a Windows virus

    When you get a Windows virus, take a deep breath then ask yourself...
  • 11 reasons why I love my Mac

    I was a die-hard Windows user for years.  "Die" and "Hard" being the operative words.
  • Welcome to my blog

    I’ve always wanted to have my own blog and now I have a reason.