Originally, when I set up my blog, my purpose was to learn Wordpress and build a Wordpress plug-in. Alas, that went on hold.

Recently, I’ve joined International Network of Hearts, an organization dedicated to stopping human trafficking – especially as it pertains to the San Diego / Tijuana border where I live. My goal is to help INOHearts to:

  1. Cast their vision to volunteers, supporters and followers
  2. Communicate more effectively both inside and outside the organization
  3. Establish and promote their brand identity across all communication channels
  4. Scale from a small team to a team with hundreds of volunteers
  5. But, most of all, save hundreds of young girls from a life of sexual slavery

As a software developer learning Ruby on Rails and relying so heavily on the blogs of others like Railscasts or Signal vs. Noise, I’m motivated to share and curate whatever best practices I learn for something that I’m equally passionate about.  Here are just some of the challenges we face:

  1. Rebrand our Wordpress web sites in both English and Spanish
  2. Manage our social media channels in both English and Spanish
  3. Empowering our entire team to actively participate in our social media efforts
  4. Promote our brand via email and voice

As our team develops best practices, I will publish them here on my blog and maybe (just maybe) we’ll actually learn to use Wordpress in the process.